A Simple Way to Grow your Community that is Often Overlooked

04 Oct 2013, Keegan Johnson

Welcome with Open ArmsWelcome with Open Arms

Everyone loves when someone else pays attention.  Whether it’s listening to us, saying hi to us or simply noticing that we exist.  It’s a basic human need.  Now imagine an entire community noticed you and welcomed you with open arms.  This is the power a “Loving Welcome” that religions, MLM and social movements have known for a long time.  Whenever somebody shows up at a new environment they are on high alert if not completely scared.  New environment, new people, new rules and traditions.  They don’t know if they fit into this new group.  This holds true for volunteers, employees and customers.  You have an opportunity, with a small window, to let them know they fit in.

Checkout Tim Harris welcome everyone to his restaurant with a hug to understand what we mean.  Now you may not go as far as the hug, but what if you welcomed everyone to your organization like Tim does?

Now to turn into a movement, what if everyone welcomed new people to your community like Tim does?