About Keegan Johnson

Keegan JohnsonKeegan is out to change the world, “One Movement at a Time”. As both an entrepreneur and non-profit executive, he has seen the power of collective action up close and has been obsessed with the questions of what sets teams on fire and just how powerful can massive action be. Is it a charismatic leader? De-centralized decision making? Empowerment or accountability? Or, is there a different story?

Keegan is the founder and CEO of Zenzaga (www.zenzaga.com), a company focussed helping companies, communities and causes around the world, harness the power of “Mass Motivation”. Mass Motivation is what Barak Obama used to get elected, Gandhi used to start a revolution and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies use to make billions of dollars. Whether through speaking or consulting Zenzaga can help you finally solve the question, how do you get your community to take action now.

Different from other speakers, Keegan’s experience in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds, allows him to combine the passion of running a volunteer based charity with the analytics of running an e-Commerce company. As we see the world changing dramatically, through mass movements such as the Arab spring, US elections and corporate brand dominance, Keegan’s ability to connect to audiences and actually inspire action is essential to taking your cause, community or corporation to the next level.

Prior to founding Zen Zaga, Keegan co-founded Ethoca (www.ethoca.com), a for-profit e-Commerce fraud management company dedicated to eliminating fraud through collaboration. He not only designed Ethoca’s flagship product, but also learned the ins and outs of corporate collaboration, by setting up deals requiring Visa, Mastercard and over 200 of the largest eCommerce companies and banks including Walmart, Skype, Capital One and Bank of America to work together.

At the same time, Keegan found out his first born son had a rare genetic disorder, called Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). He co-founded a Canadian charity (www.fpwr.ca) and became the Executive Director of the US charity (www.fpwr.org) with a mission to eliminate the challenges of PWS through research. In this capacity, Keegan learned how to both inspire individual action and bring together organizations from around the world to work together. He co-founded an international fundraiser, called One SMALL Step (http://onesmallstep.fpwr.org) which spread to over 75 cities around the world.

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