About Zenzaga

Zenzaga was founded to “Change the World One Movement at a Time”. We’ve experienced up close the power movements have to transform people and organizations. In turn, we have dedicated Zenzaga to helping transform your organization through the power of movements. We provide speaking and consulting services to help you “Turn your Company, Cause or Community into an Unstoppable Movement”.

Too often we approach our problems with our head or our heart, but not both. We see highly analytical companies who fail to talk to their customers as real people and we see hugely important social organizations who fail to properly analyze a problem. In both cases, we can fail to achieve our objectives because we fail to engage both the heart and the mind.

At the same time, we have seen how big an impact both social and organizational movements are having.

  • We have seen a struggling electronics company become the most valuable company in the world, by creating a movement of fanatical followers based on a extremely technical approach to ease of use, and;
  • We have seen a black man become president of the US by creating a passionate movement of supporters and tapping into the support with a highly analytical campaign.

Zenzaga was founded by Keegan Johnson to help companies, causes and communities tap into the power of movements. Prior to founding Zenzaga, Keegan founded an e-Commerce fraud management company, www.ethoca.com, that brought 200 of the largest e-Commerce companies in the world together to fight fraud. He also co-founded a charity (www.fpwr.ca, www.fpwr.org) that brought together organizations and people in 78 different cities and 7 different countries to raise money for his son’s rare genetic disorder (Prader Willi Syndrome). Zenzaga combines a passionate appeal to your constituents (whether they are employees, customers or volunteers) with an analytical approach to your objectives to help your company consciously unleash the power of movements.

We often get asked where does the name “Zenzaga” come from? Our name can be understood by looking at the 2 parts. First of all the word Zen. This word is actually difficult to define, but can be generally described as “being in the flow of the universe”. Zaga is based on the word Saga and represents The Heroes Journey. The Heroes Journey is basically the story of overcoming adversity that almost every story, book or movie is based on. Zenzaga is a way of life that poses the question, just how much can we change the world if we all able to live in the moment and follow our Heroes Journey.