Top 10 Reasons To Get Involved With Your RARE Disease Non-Profit

Linda - Get Involved

One of the biggest problems I hear from RARE disease non-profits is “No one wants to get involved.  It’s always the same few people who are doing everything.  How do we get families involved with our organization?”.  Does this sound familiar? On the other side, I have seen first hand how eager RARE disease families have been to […]


Top 10 Reasons Your Non-Profit Should Join “Give RARE” the World’s First Rare Disease Giving Day

give rare_150_151

On Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 we will be hosting the world’s first RARE Disease Giving Day.  We’ve named the day “Give RARE” as we are bringing the world together to Give To RARE Disease. Could you raise $500 to cure your RARE disease?  Well with 30 million Americans affected by a RARE disease, if everyone […]


What’s The Plan?


 Now that you know where you’re going you need a plan.  Common sense right?  You’d be surprised how many groups and companies don’t really have a plan.  Just ask the Occupy Movement. You don’t need a 52 page project plan, but you do need to answer the question your team is going to ask … […]


Knowing Your Mission Could Mean Up To 50% More Fundraising


“Know Thyself” is a commonly referenced ancient Greek maxim.  It is generally interpretted as meaning that in order to fully understand the world we must first understand ourselves. For charities the proper place to start may actually be “Know Your Mission” … because if you do you can raise more money.  Let me explain. In a […]


This is the Lifeblood of any Grassroots Movement


“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” ~ Mark Twain Recognition is the lifeblood of any movement.  Whether its for-profit or non-profit, whether you team members have financial compensation or not,  recognition is the fuel your movement runs on. In the for-profit world, we tend to default to financial rewards (which are […]


Why Volunteer When You Can Change the World?

Change The World

 As I was talking with a few volunteers the other day and I made a comment that changed the entire conversation.  I said, “Why volunteer when you can change the world?”.  It’s a simple concept, but it has profound implications.   Imaging you are a high school student who has to sign-up for ‘mandatory’ volunteering […]


The Missing Ingredient – How to Motivate Your Team

How to Motivate Your Team

We hear a lot of questions about employee motivation. How can we motivate our employees? Why aren’t our employees engaged? How do we get our employees to be self-motivated? We also hear a lot of answers to ‘employee motivation’, such as: You need to increase recognition You need to improve your bonus structure You need […]


Stop Asking for Volunteers

Stop Asking for Volunteers

  This may seem counter-intuitive, but you need to stop asking for volunteers.  What we hear most often from non-profit Executive Directors is “None of our members are willing to really get involved”.  The challenge is we are really looking for passionate partners, but we’re asking for volunteers.  Here are 3 quick tips to turn […]


A Simple Way to Grow your Community that is Often Overlooked

Welcome with Open Arms

Welcome with Open Arms Everyone loves when someone else pays attention.  Whether it’s listening to us, saying hi to us or simply noticing that we exist.  It’s a basic human need.  Now imagine an entire community noticed you and welcomed you with open arms.  This is the power a “Loving Welcome” that religions, MLM and […]


The Free Rider Problem

Free by Alan O'Rourke

  The bane of any movement is the free rider problem.  Think of it this way.  If I knew you and everyone else in the world was going to raise money for cancer research and find the answers …why would I donate?  Once you create the cure for cancer, I’m still going to be able […]


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