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Results. Inspiration. Simplicity.


Starting a successful eCommerce company requires a focus on the bottom line. Running a non-profit requires an ability to stretch your resources. Keegan has done both. He knows how hard you have worked and how precious your resources are. At your event Keegan will not only entertain your audience, but make sure both you and your attendees walk away with practical results.


Imagine if your attendees left your event feeling like their children’s life depended on your organizations success. Keegan intimately knows that feeling. He has built an organization that his sons future depends on. He can bring that feeling to your event and inspire your attendees to take action … and take action now!


Event planning is difficult. You’ve got 1,001 details to worry about. The last thing you need is to worry about is your speakers. Dealing with Keegan is a breeze. Zenzaga has developed a unique pre-event process to ensure everything is both customized for your event and runs smoothly on the big day. If you would like we’ll even book calls with some of your key stakeholders to truly understand your organization and recognize your key contributors on stage.

  • You choose to hire Keegan … we’ll take care of the rest.
  • We’ll get your audience pumped and ready to take action … you’ll get the credit!

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