Keynote: It’s Time


It’s Time – Motivate your members to act now!

Are you organizing a Gala for your charity? Do you need to emphasize the importance of your cause? Would you love to let your stakeholders know how much you need their donation right now?  If you answered yes, our “It’s Time!” gala keynote may be exactly what you need.

The Keynote

In this keynote, we will motivate your memebrs to “Act Now” and outline the importance of acting now, including:

  • The “Free Rider” problem – Why some people wait for others to act
  • The “Goal Gradient” hypothesis – Why one person taking action helps others to take action
  • The “Flywheel” and the “Tiping Point” – How small actions can add up to have large effects

What Your Attendees Will Take Away

  • A feeling of a need to act
  • An understanding of why your organization needs their donations right now
  • A clear picture of how their donation can make a difference in your mission


Make sure you have an “ask” ready to go.  Whether it’s a live auction or fundraising game, make your ask right after this presentation and it will increase your donations.  We will even incorporate your ask right into the keynote.

Best Audience

This presentation is designed for members of a charity.  It is perfect for a gala dinner or charitable conference.


20 – 45 minute after dinnner keynote