Keynote: Make your Mark

Make Your Mark – Turn your Company, Cause or Community into an Unstoppable Movement

Have you ever wished your volunteers or employees got more involved in your organization? Do you wish your team was more engaged in your mission? Do you dream of over 50% of your attendees singing up to make a difference? If you answered yes, it’s time to “Make Your Mark”.

In this presentation, we will cover what is required to turn your organization into a movement, including:

  • A customized focus on your mission
  • A customized look at your plan to accomplish your mission
  • A discussion of how movements have made a difference in other organizations
  • How to create momentum around your mission
  • 5 key tips to turning your organization into an unstoppable movement
  • Understanding why and how everyone can be a leader in a movement
  • How their personal commitment to your mission can make a difference

Too many times we walk away from presentations feeling good, without any measureable benefits. With this presentation, organizations have seen over 50% of their internal stakeholders sign-up on the spot to make a difference in their organization.

This presentation is designed for internal stakeholders. Whether its volunteers, employees, fundraisers or any other people your organization needs to achieve its mission.

45 – 90 minute keynote presentation