Keynote: Movements Matter

Movements Matter – How your Company, Cause or Community can tap into the Power of Social Movements

Are you hosting a group of leaders looking to grow their organizations? Are you looking for something more than more sales and customer service advice? Would you love to give your attendees the tools to engage both their employees and customers? If you answered yes, it’s time to find out why “Movements Matter”.

In this presentation, we will cover what is required to turn your organization into a movement, including:

  • 5 common misconceptions about movements
  • 7 Critical lessons for your organization from the study of movements
  • A discussion of different leadership models within movements
  • 3 practical steps you can take to leverage the power of movements for your organization
  • 5 key tips to turning your organization into an unstoppable movement
  • Understanding how to turn your stakeholders into leaders
  • How to get personal commitment to your mission from your stakeholders

Too many times we walk away from presentations feeling good, without any measureable benefits. With this presentation, organizations have seen over 50% of their internal stakeholders sign-up on the spot to make a difference in their organization.

This presentation is designed for leaders of multiple organizations. Whether its for-profit executives, non-profit board members or managers in your company, this presentation is for people in a leadership position.

45 – 90 minute keynote presentation