The Missing Ingredient – How to Motivate Your Team

09 Oct 2013, Keegan Johnson

How to Motivate Your Team

How to Motivate Your Team

We hear a lot of questions about employee motivation.

  • How can we motivate our employees?
  • Why aren’t our employees engaged?
  • How do we get our employees to be self-motivated?

We also hear a lot of answers to ‘employee motivation’, such as:

  • You need to increase recognition
  • You need to improve your bonus structure
  • You need to stop demotivating your employees


Now each of these suggestions above are effective (when used appropriately), but too often we miss the simple answers in life.  We need to start by being authentic.  Everyone seems to agree we crave authenticity in our political leaders (although we feel we rarely get it), our business leaders and our life partners.  However, authenticity seems to take a back seat as we try to ‘motivate’ the people following us (or buying from us).  When we find that leader who can not only be honest, but genuinely assess their strengths and weaknesses and publicly acknowledge the current situation we are ready to follow.  This is exactly why millions of people were ‘motivated’ to follow Tim Tebow

If you are interested in ‘motivating’ your team, take a look right now at yourself, your team and your strategy and ask … am I being authentic?