What’s The Plan?

12 Dec 2013, Keegan Johnson

plan_overview_shutterstock_120643684 Now that you know where you’re going you need a plan.  Common sense right?  You’d be surprised how many groups and companies don’t really have a plan.  Just ask the Occupy Movement. You don’t need a 52 page project plan, but you do need to answer the question your team is going to ask … how are we going to accomplish our mission.

To get the answer at the beginning the key is sticking to the high level.  At our fraud management company (www.ethoca.com) our plan was:

1.Get a large bank to work with us, which would allow us to …
2.Get a number of large eCommerce merchants to work with us, which would allow us to …
3.Get the rest of the banks and card associations to work with us.

You need to have clarity in how you will accomplish your mission.  Your team needs know you are headed in a viable direction.  Otherwise, why should they care?

It is important to note here, that plans will (and should) change over time.  It’s okay to say our plan is to bring together the proper people and create a new plan.  That’s still a plan.  So, what’s your plan?